Who Is Reach Church?


A Letter from Pastor Chuck!

Welcome to the Reach Church website! I am so glad you have found us and I hope you will visit one of our three campuses soon.  Our mission at Reach Church is simple yet profound…we live to reach all people with Nothing But Jesus. The reality is that many times in life, we are tempted to focus on everything BUT Jesus. Whether that be trying to be a good person, or advancing in our careers, or a preoccupation with politics, or our own brand of legalism…our hearts are naturally drawn away from the simple message of Jesus. So at Reach Church, we are intentional about making sure that everything we do is about Nothing But Jesus. Because Jesus is not only for those who are skeptical of Christianity, but for those who have been Christians for decades. That is why our ministries are designed for those skeptical of Jesus, and for those who are already followers of Jesus. Because it is only when we are about Nothing But Jesus that our lives begin to change. It is only when we are focussed on what Jesus said through his words, and did through his life, death and resurrection, that our relationships begin to improve, and our marriages become stronger, and our parenting becomes grace filled and wise, and that we begin to conquer sin in our lives!  

We have lots of great ministries here at Reach Church…for the children, for the teens, for young adults, for families, and for those who are 55 and older. We love music and have many opportunities for musicians of all levels to use their gifts. We encourage all of our people to serve on one of our many volunteer teams, we serve in the community, and we serve globally through mission trips and our support of organizations that minister to children at risk.  You will make life long friendships at Reach Church, and your life will be changed when you discover the life centered on Nothing But Jesus. Join us! 

In Christ Alone, 
Pastor Chuck L. Betters, Senior Pastor, Reach Church

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