Reach Classes

At Reach Church, we desire to not only connect through fellowship and worship corporately, but we also desire to equip each person to grow in their love for Jesus. One way that we accomplish this is through our Reach Classes. Instead of merely gathering for lecture style classes, our leaders creatively prepare engaging content focussed on God’s word to equip each of us to be effective in whatever circles of influence God has placed us.

Our Classes are an opportunity for you to learn about a variety of topics related to being a disciple of Jesus. With thought provoking discussions, teachers and fellowship happening every week, the only thing missing is you!  

Classes Available Now:

For your children:

Parent/Child Communicant's Class is a step-by-step curriculum for parents to prepare their children for communion. At Reach Church, we don't believe there is a specific age in which children should start participating in communion, we simply believe that children should have a desire to take communion, have recognized and repented of sin, and have communicated their faith in Jesus. This class will guide you in having those precious conversations with your children.

Reach Church Membership Track

In order to become a member of Reach Church, we ask that you complete NBJ 101, NBJ 102, NBJ 103, and NBJ 104. Our “Membership Track” will inform you about our church and how you can be a part of reaching all people with Nothing But Jesus! You will discover more about our church, your spiritual life, your gifts, and how to best reach the people God has placed directly in your path. Each class has a Participation Guide for you to fill out and follow along (we suggest printing each of these out). After completion of these online classes, please fill out the Membership Form to finish the process of becoming a member of Reach Church!

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