Reach UD

What is Reach UD? 

Ralph and Eleanor Watts built many churches in our area and are well known in the local Christian community. When they passed away, their children didn’t know what to do with their house in Newark. The result is “Eleanor’s Place” with apartments being ready for occupancy. Several significant structures have been added to the home, and the result will be brand new beautiful apartments with full kitchens on each floor, laundry on each floor, etc. with a total occupancy of 14.

Reach Church is renting out the entire house in order to house 14 UD students. Reach UD will be a Christian community located on the campus of UD where students will be challenged to put their faith into practice, receive personal discipleship, form deep relationships with one another, and be a part of the local church.  

Why Reach UD?

The college years are, arguably, the most formative years of life. We believe that deep discipleship and living in intentional Christian community leads to a stronger faith and creates future Christian leaders in churches, families, and workplaces. We desire to use our resources as a church to create a place that fuels this development.

We also believe that these students will be given a great opportunity to reach other students for Jesus, specifically on the campus of UD. We want to challenge them to put their faith into practice by reaching out to others, building relationships with them, and inviting them to church.

Where is the Reach UD House? 

The Reach UD house is located at the intersection of Annabelle Street and Cleveland Ave., within walking distance of UD. 

What are my responsibilities in living at the Reach UD house?

1.     We ask that all residents profess faith in Christ. The vision of Reach UD is that it would be a Christian community. This isn’t to be “separatist,” but rather to intentionally strengthen and equip students in the unique calling God has placed on their lives.

2.     Attend all required weekly meetings/studies conducted by Reach Church staff.

3.     We strongly believe that discipleship must be connected to the local church. For that reason, all residents of Reach UD are required to attend Reach Church and serve as an “intern” in a specific area (worship, youth ministry, children’s ministry, outreach, etc.). As an intern, you will simply serve in the area of your choice as any volunteer in the church would.

4.     We ask that our students would earnestly seek to form relationships with others, and invite them to church and ultimately a relationship with Jesus.

How much does it cost for me to live at the Reach UD house?

Here’s the best part - The cost for rent at the UD house is FREE! We believe in this ministry and our students so much, part of our vision is to offer free rent for approved student residents.

How can I give to Reach UD?

If you would like to partner with us to sustain and grow the Reach UD ministry, we are asking you to prayerfully consider joining with us in this new and exciting venture, as we seek to reach the University of Delaware with Nothing But Jesus.

In order to fund this ministry, we need 150 people/families to give a one-time donation of $420. This will completely cover rent, utilities, furnishings, and staff for an entire year!

Be a part of impacting the University of Delaware with Nothing But Jesus in this new and exciting way!

Give to Reach UD Now!

If I want to live at Reach UD, what should I do? 

Those who wish to live at Reach UD will have to go through the application process, including filling out a written application and meeting/interviewing with Reach Church staff. 

Apply now to live at Reach UD!

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