Reach Missions

At Reach Church, our missions focus is exclusively on the next generation. We realize there are many wonderful mission organizations whose focus is not only on the next generation, but we have found it most effective to narrow our focus. We believe the next generation has the capacity to be salt and light within their areas of influence, and those who are nurtured in the faith will become future church and world leaders. Mostly, we want to help missionaries instill our mission of being about Nothing But Jesus in the hearts of the next generation. Reach Missions partners with missionaries around our country, and the world to make this a reality.

In order for the next generation to become future church and world leaders, basic needs must be met first. For example, children around the world, especially in Third World countries, are found in dumpsters, toilets, or even tied to trees. With that in mind, Reach Missions works with partnering ministries in order to rescue children from extreme conditions, then efficiently and effectively provide their basic needs (safety, food, water, shelter, and clothing).  When basic needs are met, Reach Missions also works with partnering ministries in order to teach, train, and evangelize to the next generation.

In order to further our partnerships with our missionaries, we believe in the importance of short-term mission trips, so we can be true partners in furthering our mission of Nothing But Jesus around the world. That is why we have regular opportunities for our people  to serve on short-term mission trips to areas throughout the world.

One of our partners in this mission is Happy Life Children's Home in Kenya, Africa. The founders of this orphanage are members of our church and we have partnered with them to take our people to serve the orphans and the house moms at Happy Life Children's Home. Click here to learn more information about Happy Life Children's Home, which is one of the primary organizations we support. 




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