Parent Resources


Parenting is a full-time job with full time stress. This can lead to discouragement and exhaustion. There is a hope for you in Jesus! Here is an article that encourages mothers as they raise their children.

Parenting is not about changing the child, but the training of their heart. This is an audio resource by Paul Tripp focuses on how parenting is shaped by the gospel. 

How does one use both law and grace to train their children in the ways of the Lord? John Piper speaks of requiring obedience and how it trains children in godliness.

Prayer is an important part of the believer. Prayer is also an important part of the life of a parent. This is an article that focuses on prayer and parenting.


The Gospel Project is a chronological Christ- centered bible-study. You can gain supplemental historical and biblical information through the blog! This curriculum is utilized in our Sunday Morning Reach Kids program.

 A teaching ministry of Dr. Paul Tripp and his wife Margy Tripp, Shephard the heart blog is a resource for parents seeking to train their children in the ways of the Lord.

Questions and Answers

Kids have many questions about life and faith. It is important to feed the thirsty hearts and minds with the answers from the bible. That isn’t always easy. These are two suggested resources to connected your child to answers from scripture.

Crucial Questions Series

RC Sproul, founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries, an international Christian education and discipleship organization, has a written a crucial question series. These 20 booklets answer the various questions that are raised about the Christian faith. These are free in digital format or available for purchase.

Ligonier’s website also features a “Questions Answered” section for more specific questions.

Jesus Story Book Bible

The stories in the bible can be seem scary or confusing. This directs the theme of all of scripture to its true center, Jesus. Sally Lloyd Jones is a New York Times best seller. She wrote The Jesus Story book bible, a beautifully illustrated book that points every story of the bible to the person of Jesus. This is available in many formats and has supplemental videos and resources.

Teach your children that the bible is not a book of rules but God’s story of redemption. This understanding can help shape your child’s worldview and direct their eyes to the person of Jesus.

She also writes an encouraging blog of stories and connecting with children.

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