Attend A Newcomers' Reception

If you are new or you're attending Reach Church regularly, we encourage you to give the Newcomers' Reception a try!  This is a chance to be introduced to the heart of Reach Church.

You have visited Reach Church a time or two and you like the music and the preaching is good, but now you are curious to know more about the church. That is exactly why we created the Newcomers' Reception! It’s a relaxed and informative event designed to give you a taste of who we are as a church. We invite you to come, get to know us, and give us an opportunity to know you too.

If you are a member or already attend regularly, the Newcomers' Reception is also for you! Bring your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers to introduce them to the heart of Reach Church.

Below are the answers to a few common questions we receive.

What is the Newcomers' Reception all about?

This is your chance to see and experience what matters most to us – people. We will introduce you to our heart for children and youth, what we are doing to reach our community, and how you can get connected to others in the church.

What will we be doing at the Newcomers' Reception?

Over light refreshments you will hear the story of Reach Church. We also provide you with a first-hand tour of the church. Our goal is to have fun, enjoy a good meal together, get to know one another as you get a “taste” of Reach.

When is the next Newcomers' Reception?

The next Newcomers' Reception is on Sunday, August 19th at 12:15 p.m. following our worship gathering. Lunch will be provided. A children’s program will also be provided for infants through grade five. Advance reservations are recommended so we can appropriately plan the children’s program.

Newcomers' Reception

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