Reach Kids

Coming alongside parents to love and lead their children to be about Nothing But Jesus.

Reach Kids 

In our elementary ministry, we work to lay a gospel-centered foundation for our children. We focus our teaching of the character of God and the person of Christ. We want our children to come to know Jesus and see how each bible story connects to God’s BIG story.

We partner with parents for the Christian nurture of their children.

We seek to train children in the way of the Lord, treasure them as Christ does the church, and teach them the Good News of Jesus all so that they will grow to be about Nothing But Jesus!


Sunday Mornings

On Sundays, Reach Kids gather after family worship. Sunday morning develops deeper understanding of God’s word and application of the Good News. Together we read Scripture, listen to Bible stories, and gather in small groups. In small groups, our children have an opportunity to reflect on the lesson, pray, and build relationships.

Wednesday Nights

Seasonally, on Wednesday nights Reach Kids gather from all campuses for our Family Night. Wednesday night is high energy program that encourages children to know Jesus and grow in relationship with him! Together they engage in recreation, read bible stories, and learn about different cultures. Each week the children have an opportunity to build friendships, hear the gospel, and have fun!    

Vacation Bible School

Reach Kids hosts a daytime VBS during the summer. The kids search the skies and God’s word to uncover God’s truth etched in his handiwork. They will discover the God who created everything there is wants a relationship with them through his son Jesus! The kids participate in worship, recreation, bible memorization, food, crafts, exploration, and more! The mission of VBS is the same as the mission of Reach Church, to reach the kids with Nothing But Jesus.

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Special Needs

If you have a child with special needs, we would love to partner with you in ministering to your child. Every child is a blessing, every family is welcome. In support of our broader church mission, Nothing But Jesus, the goal of our buddy program is to help children with special needs experience Jesus in his or her own way. We seek to provide families the opportunity to worship and serve as we graciously include their unique child in our various programs.

We appreciate our passionate leaders and we seek to develop their talents as they serve. If you love young children, and you are committed to our mission of reaching them with Nothing But Jesus, we would love to get you plugged in!

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