Become A Member

You have attended the Newcomer's Lunch, are attending our gatherings regularly, and now you're ready to take the next step, our membership class!

Our Membership Class is held on selected weekends during the year. On Friday night, we have a dinner with the staff and we spend some time hearing each others’ stories of how God has worked in our lives. On Saturday morning, we gather to be taught about the doctrine of the church and what makes Reach Church unique. On Sunday mornings, the group meets with a pastor and you have the opportunity to ask questions. Our Membership Weekends are always a highlight of the church year and are a wonderful time of fun, food, fellowship, and learning.

Baptism is a covenant sign for believers and their children. We believe that baptism signifies a person as a part of the community of the church, receiving all of the benefits of that community.

Adult Baptism

If you have never been baptized before and would like to be, you will first need to complete Reach Church’s membership class and then complete a membership interview. Be sure to discuss your desire at your membership interview. This will allow you to be scheduled for baptism on the day you take your membership vows.

Infants and Young Children 

Reach Church is happy to baptize infants and young children of church members. If you are interested, please email Stacey Long.

Older Children

Reach Church will baptize your older child after he or she has made a made a profession of faith. If your child is elementary age, please contact Katie Nettuno.  If your child is middle or high school age, please contact Tyler Schoenberger.

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