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What Kind of Year Has It Been?

Posted by Chuck L. Betters on

As we have been announcing for a while now, tomorrow morning we will have a brief congregational meeting after both services, at both the Summit Bridge Road and Fair Hill Campuses, for the purpose of receiving our Annual Report and voting on some amazing guys to become new elders and deacons! Please click here for the brochure we have been providing where these officer candidates share their testimonies and passion for helping to lead and shepherd Reach Church. 

The sermon time tomorrow will be different than most weeks and will serve as the lead-in to the congregational meeting, as I will be reflecting on the past fiscal year (9/1/18-8/30/19) by walking through our Annual Report that will be distributed tomorrow as you arrive. We will also be posting the Annual Report on our website for those who are unable to attend and for those who want to snoop. :-)

While we will look back in time tomorrow to reflect on "What Kind of Year Has it Been?" next Sunday we will look into the future, as mere mortals, to "Where Are We Going?" as we begin a new sermon series on the second half of the book of Galatians that we have entitled, "Double Down". 

I had a long conversation with one of our elders, Adam Jackson, today. We laughed a lot. I cried a little bit. We talked about Jesus, we talked about the scores of changed lives we are seeing from young to old due to the freedom and joy found in our mission of Nothing But Jesus. During the conversation, due to some things Adam shared, I had that agogic moment where my sermon for tomorrow "clicked". It seems that every week, at some point, the Holy Spirit of Christ graciously reveals that to me. I love those moments. I don't want to share too much...only to say that I am feeling called to be a bit more transparent tomorrow. I want to convey just how big this Nothing But Jesus thing is that we are called to and how the joys the sorrows, the light the darkness, the hope the despair, yes, the best of times the worst of times, will inevitably live side by side...no...intertwined, when your heart has been set free by Nothing But Jesus

Don't miss tomorrow morning! 

In Christ Alone, 
Pastor Chuck


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