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Taking Root In Our Lives

Posted by Chuck L. Betters on

Things are really going well at Reach Church! Those who are new to the church, and those who have been in the church a long time, have expressed that they are encouraged and challenged by Reach Church. Those in leadership, and those volunteering, simply put, are having a blast as we relentlessly pursue a church that is about Nothing But Jesus. How are we really doing? Fantastic. The vibrancy and joy that we experience on Sunday mornings truly permeates every aspect of Reach Church. Praise the Lord.

Last Sunday, we launched two services at both campuses. Some people probably thought we were crazy for launching a new service in the middle of the summer vacations. There were times that we thought we were crazy for launching in the middle of the summer. However, I am pleased to share that it was a huge success!  We were able to maintain the energy of our 10:30 services, while starting a more intimate 9:00 service, that was very well attended. Our hope is to eventually launch a third service that will start at 12:00. We want to reach as many people as possible with our message.

We began a brand new sermon series last Sunday called The Ten Promises, rooted in the Ten Commandments. This series is an EXCELLENT opportunity to invite friends to church as most everyone knows at least a little bit about the Ten Commandments.

This past week, our mission team served in Kenya, Africa, at Happy Life Home. They have had a wonderful time and have been a tremendous encouragement to our partners there. It is a dream come true for Reach Church to regularly go on these life changing mission trips. Our mission of living to reach all people with Nothing But Jesus is taking root in our lives. It is slow...but it is happening. I pray that this weekend's worship services challenge and encourage you to know Jesus more.

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Chuck L. Betters


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