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Reach Christian Schools Update

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We realize that this doesn’t impact most of you; however, we are pleased to share that Reach Church has given Tri-State Christian Academy (TSCA) to Crossroads Bible Church (the church where the school is located in Elkton, MD). We believe that localized leadership is best for the advancement of TSCA and that this change will allow us to narrow our focus to our local ministries. We are thankful for the way God used us at TSCA to help for a season. We continue to have a great relationship with the families of TSCA as well as with Crossroads Bible Church and wish them all the best. 

This decision also allows us to bring some of our finest teachers, also Reach Church members, from TSCA to Red Lion. Mr. Turner Jones, the former principal of TSCA, will be our Bible Department Head, Denise Holt will be returning from TSCA to teach high school Science, Katie Frist will be transferring from TSCA to teach high school Math, Andy Hendry will be transferring from TSCA to teach Bible, and Noel Gasorek will continue her outstanding work at Journey Christian Academy, our school for students with special needs. 

We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Kurt Sarac has been named our Dean of Administration at Red Lion. Many know of the Sarac’s long time support of our church and work in local ministries such as Door of Hope, but you may not be aware of his business acumen. Bill Becker, who has been serving as our Operations Manager at the church, was conducting an evaluation of Red Lion when he and Kurt, who has served as a teacher at the school, began interacting. Eventually, Kurt presented a business and ministry plan for Red Lion that is, by far, the most detailed and exciting plan that I have seen for Red Lion, since we began our work there. He and Bill have already begun actually getting things done from the plan. Please join me in praising God for bringing these two men to our staff! It is a breath of fresh air and incredibly encouraging to work with men with this kind of expertise, vision and work ethic. 

As we see light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, we are excited to see relaunch Reach Church with these changes in place. 


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