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Let It Be Jesus In Our Hope

Posted by Peter Lammé on

Hope is deliberately future-oriented. When we look into the future—What good thing is around the bend? What light is at the end of the tunnel?

That’s our hope.

Most of the time our hopes are small—hoping for a restful vacation or a season of greater blessing.

And while these hopes are fine, they can’t be our ultimate hopes. What do we do those hopes are never realized? Or when we have needs that no worldly hope can satisfy? What happens when hope seems to be lost?

What is our hope in death?
What is our hope in suffering and pain?
What is our hope in sin—the evil both outside of us and inside our hearts?

Let our hope be Jesus.

Jesus alone can give eternal life. He alone can turn suffering into meaning and maturity. He alone can have victory over sin.

And the greatest thing about our hope in Jesus is that it isn’t just future; this hope has already come. Jesus our hope came to live with us—died for us—and resurrected for us. Our hope is the one who already came once and promises to come again.

Our hope is in the one who will brings rest that never ends, blessing that never falters, and joy that never ceases. He brings a hope that you cannot earn and the world cannot give.

This Christmas season let our hope be in the one who came once and will surely come again. Let our hope be in Nothing But Jesus!


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