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Let It Be Jesus In Our Anger

Posted by Peter Lammé on

When it comes to our anger, anger isn’t the problem. We are. Anger can be a great emotion.

When anger fights for the right things—anger is exactly what we should feel.

When we really let it be Jesus—we should get angry! We should get angry that we fail to worship Jesus like we should. We should get angry that we can’t even come near to loving the way Jesus loves. We should get angry when our heart deceives us.

But then we have all the anger we actually feel. If we are able to admit it, we get angry when our comforts, idols, and desires aren’t being met. We get angry when people annoy us with their problems. We get angry at people for failing to follow our laws.

So what is the Nothing But Jesus response to our anger?

Admit that you’re angry for the wrong reasons.

How often do we admit we are angry? We are allows to be “frustrated” or “annoyed” or “upset”—but we never admit that we’re angry. Admit it! And admit you’re angry for the wrong reasons. See the lies and the idols and the sin behind your anger. Most of the time, the only injustice going on is that you aren’t getting your way.

And then GET ANGRY.

Get angry at your lack of grace. At your lack of love. At your selfishness. At the lies you believe and the deceiver behind them. Get angry at your cold-heartedness in worship and the legalism in your life. Get angry that you have failed to glorify Jesus and reflect the Gospel.

And finally, look at the cross.

The wrath of God for sin was poured out on Jesus. The cross consumes the anger of God for every sin. Only then will anger for our sin give way to joy. Thank you, Jesus, that the things we really hate—sin, suffering, and Satan himself—are defeated through the cross.


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