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Let It Be Jesus As A Coworker

Posted by Peter Lammé on

The more and more we live in the world of Nothing But Jesus—where the work of Jesus and the love of Jesus is ultimate, the more and more foreign the working world can.

We enter a place where we are judged by our works—not those of Jesus. Every workplace is ruled by a law—the often unexpressed culture of the job—and we are judged for breaking them.

So how do we Let it Be Jesus as a coworker?

First, we don’t for a second submit again to the yoke of slavery. In Jesus, we are free from the heart of every law—even the laws of the workplace and our coworkers. We don’t work out of fear of our coworkers’ judgment, and we don’t work for their praise. Instead, we work to please the one who is already perfectly pleased with us in Jesus.

On the other side, we don’t love our coworkers based upon their performance. We don’t give them what they “deserve” according to the culture of our workplace—giving them the cold-shoulder for a mistake or a making them the subject of gossip for underperforming.
If you need to address a problem with a coworker, be forthright and direct in our correction, and even more forthright and direct in our forgiveness.

Finally, we Let it Be Jesus when we are willing to admit mistakes, take responsibility, and ask for forgiveness. We know that we are under the grace of Jesus, so show your coworkers your need for Jesus and need for grace. Too often we say we desperately need Jesus every second of every day then pretend we are perfect to the world. We aren’t. May our coworkers see that we are sinners who need Jesus—not saints who no longer need him.

Let’s bring Nothing But Jesus into our workplace!


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