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Kingdom Strength

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When we develop personal goals we usually will focus on areas of weakness that we want to improve. However, we also need to focus on cultivating our unique strengths and channeling those towards building the kingdom of Christ!

What is your greatest strength? Whether that be a character trait, a resource, or even a relationship, it’s when that greatest strength is weakened that real problems can happen in our lives. Our weaknesses can be very challenging and cause us and those closest to us real problems, but that is nothing compared to the fall out that can happen when our greatest strengths are weakened.

How does all this talk about our greatest strengths fit with Nothing But Jesus? Join us at Reach Church as we explore some episodes in King David’s life and how they encourage us to tap into Kingdom Strength.

We can't wait to kick-off this new series with tomorrow at 9:00am or 10:30am at one of our campuses!


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