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Jesus Isn’t Really Enough

Posted by Chuck L. Betters on

Last Sunday, I said that the greatest problem plaguing the American Church is that we fail to specifically identify Jesus as the “Lord God” of the Bible. Jesus has been replaced with a “Vague God”.

Vague God religiosity seems like a “serious” Christianity, but it isn’t. It comes in the form of liberal Christianity and conservative Christianity. It comes in the form of exegetical preaching, and seeker sensitive preaching. It plagues “Bible believing” churches as well as those less focused on the Bible. When you hear a lot about “God” and “Lord”, and very little about the person and work of Jesus, or Jesus is a “tack on”, you know you are in Vague God religiosity. We would never say the following things, but when we are more into a vague idea of God and less into Nothing But Jesus, the reality is...

Jesus isn’t really enough.

Christ isn’t the solid rock on which we stand.

It’s not really Jesus at the center, but Jesus at the fringes, if that.

Charles Spurgeon was wrong when he said a sermon isn’t a sermon until it gets to Jesus, but a sermon is “a good sermon from pastor” when it is all about a Vague God (especially when it addresses the sins of the people “out there”).

Preaching from the Old Testament is different than preaching from the New Testament since Jesus isn’t really found in “ALL the Law and Prophets”.

The most pressing problem in Christianity today is the same problem Paul addressed in the Galatian Church...we have abandoned the Gospel as being the primary way we will grow in our faith and impact the culture. That is why our mission at Reach Church is to live to reach all people with Nothing But Jesus. I pray that this mission will capture our hearts and begin to spread throughout our region and the world.

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Chuck L. Betters


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