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It’s going to be a GREAT school year!

Posted by Chuck L. Betters on

We have had an amazing start to the Red Lion school year with our teacher gatherings. God has provided for Red Lion in incredible ways. We have over 100 new students, with more every day, at just Red Lion, and well over 200 new students across our schools.

We are launching a Daycare and have an extremely talented director hired. God keeps bringing us the right people to take teaching and other positions. The result is a truly remarkable faculty and staff.

And the Tri-State and Journey teachers will join us for worship on Monday, which is their first teacher day, and they too have a remarkable faculty and staff that is very close knit.

I visited our Red Lion volleyball practice and they look awesome. In the top seven in the state. I went to our football team’s scrimmage tonight and they look good. I was talking to our new field hockey coaches, who were at the game supporting the team, and they are fantastic.

It’s going to be a GREAT school year, and I am very very thankful.

In Christ Alone,

Pastor Chuck


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