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Holy Saturday Devotional

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Holy Saturday...the mysterious day between the Cross and the Resurrection. It is the day that Jesus was in the grave. It is a day of great silence. God has died in the flesh. It is a day that doesn't make sense.
The Coronavirus crisis is a Holy Saturday of sorts. We all want to get on the other side of the Coronavirus.  But just as prematurely rushing to move past the Coronavirus would be harmful, rushing past, or skipping Holy Saturday entirely as most do, is also harmful. 

The Holy Saturdays of life are when God’s grace is more
than enough and when we get to see the strength of God at work. The Holy Spirit of Christ essentially told the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12, "my grace is sufficient for the Holy Saturdays of your life...in fact, my strength is made perfect in the Holy Saturdays of your life. 
Observance of Holy Saturday is highly relatable not only to the Coronavirus crisis, but to the many realities of the difficult aspects of life. But we also can’t miss the theological glory, the Gospel, of what happened on Holy Saturday which is what compels us to grow in grace. 
Augustine said, “the cross is a pulpit on which Jesus preached his love to the world.” When we rush past Holy Saturday to Sunday, we miss the greatest sermon of love ever preached. And it wasn’t a three point deistic moralistic sermon...it was a deep sermon...it was a mind stretching sermon that immerses us in the deepest waters of theology and fuels our spiritual growth. 

When the First Adam and the First Eve, our original covenantal head, sinned and fell in the Garden of Eden we all sinned and fell with them. After the Fall, God immediately pursued Adam and Eve, who were hiding from God in sin and shame, as he graciously called out, “Adam, where are you?” 
We are ALL the First Adam and the First Eve and he has been in pursuit of us ever since...but we kept hiding and running because the First Adam and the First Eve failed as our covenantal head. 
But Jesus was the Second Adam! 
      O Loving wisdom of our God!
      When all was sin and shame,
      A Second Adam to the fight 
      And to the rescue came. 
     -from The Dream of Gerontius, by St. John Henry Newman
On Holy Saturday the Second Adam, the Ultimate Adam, the New Adam, the Final Adam, the image of the invisible God Adam, went in search of the First Adam and the First Eve, and found us and freed US!
Yes...”Sunday is coming.” 
But not yet. 
Don’t miss the deep blessings of Holy Saturday. 

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