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Fourth and One

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On Sunday, December 10th, 1995, my Dad, who is the Pastor Emeritus of Reach Church, preached on...something. On the same Lord's Day, I led worship from the piano, and I am sure we sang good songs. Which ones? I couldn't tell you.

But what I do remember about that Sunday is that we were offered tickets to go see the Eagles play the Cowboys in a game with playoff implications. We had been given seats at the 50 yard line that were partially indoors (heated). It was FREEZING cold that day, but it didn't matter. The game began at 1:00pm...an hour away...so my Dad preached the shortest sermon of his life. We met in his office and raced out of the parking lot to get to the game on time.

Eagles fans will remember the so-called, "Fourth and One" game. The game was tied 17-17, with two minutes left, and the Cowboys had a fourth and one at their own 29 yard line. The obvious play was to punt. Instead Barry Switzer went for it with a "Load Left" running play to Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith. The Eagles stuffed him for a loss. But there was a penalty and the down needed to be replayed. Certainly the Cowboys would have learned their lesson and would punt. Instead, they went for it again! They even ran the same exact play. The Eagles stuffed snd stopped them not once, but twice. The Eagles took over, kicked a field goal, and won the game. It is one of the more famous plays in Eagles football history.

And my Dad and I were there to experience it two years after my brother died...together.

Unfortunately, we were in violation of the Law of God regarding observance of the Sabbath. Or was something else happening altogether? Has God rescinded the Fourth Commandment? Or had something happened in history that would actually expand the Sabbath observance forever granting us radical freedom?

To be continued at the Summit Bridge Road Campus of Reach Church...in our series on the Ten Commandments called The Ten Promises.

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Chuck L. Betters


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