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The 8th Promise

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

Many have said that the 8th commandment (thou shall not steal) is "open-ended." If you think about it, all of the commands on the "second tablet" (commandments 6-10) have to deal with stealing: murder is the stealing of life; adultery is the stealing of a spouse and marriage; false witness is...

Just A Slogan?

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

Isn't "Nothing But Jesus" just a slogan? - a marketing gimmick? We seem to get that question a lot. Believe it or not, before I was called into the ministry, I received an MBA from Widener University. In several of my classes, we studied marketing and the use of slogans. Look at this...


Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

This week, we come to a significant passage in the book of Romans - the doxology of Romans 11. Before delving into the applications of the gospel in Romans 12, Paul takes a moment to simply respond in awe to what God has revealed in the first 11 chapters: “Oh, the depth of the riches and...

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