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Let It Be Jesus With My Friends

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends," John 15:13. In this verse, Jesus gives us the highest standard of what being a friend means - to lay our lives down for them. (And remember, Jesus not only said this, he actually did it!) Now...maybe in...

Let It Be Jesus In Our Solitude

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

In a culture of screens, constant entertainment, and overloaded schedules, solitude is something that we rarely find ourselves having; but, when we do find those rare moments of solitude, where do our minds go? The irony of our solitude is that we are rarely ever "alone." We fill our minds with...

Let It Be Jesus In Our Worship

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

Seems a bit awkward doesn’t it? You come to this place on Sundays. When you get there, they turn down the lights (and sometimes even have a haze machine with lights)! Then, a guy up front will instruct you to sing. All of a sudden, the intensity starts to increase. People start lifting up...

Hallelujah from Here Below

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

We are manufacturers of perfection, aren't we? If you don't believe me, go ahead and look at your social media page - it's really your highlight reel of "perfection." I think we would all admit that we "aren't perfect," and yet what we put out, both on social media and in our everyday lives...

A Clean Slate

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

Happy New Year! I LOVE the idea of a New Year. It's a natural way to turn the page, have a fresh start, and get a "Clean Slate." As the year changes, we tend to feel better about our shortcomings from the previous year in the hope of a "better" New Year.  A "Clean Slate" is something...

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

Turkey, pies, football, and challenging relatives. It doesn't get any better than that. Thanksgiving is such an underrated holiday, isn't it? I mean, who came up with the idea of a holiday where you gorge yourself with food and then fall asleep on the couch? Pure genius. We should be giving...

The 8th Promise

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

Many have said that the 8th commandment (thou shall not steal) is "open-ended." If you think about it, all of the commands on the "second tablet" (commandments 6-10) have to deal with stealing: murder is the stealing of life; adultery is the stealing of a spouse and marriage; false witness is...

Just A Slogan?

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

Isn't "Nothing But Jesus" just a slogan? - a marketing gimmick? We seem to get that question a lot. Believe it or not, before I was called into the ministry, I received an MBA from Widener University. In several of my classes, we studied marketing and the use of slogans. Look at this...


Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

This week, we come to a significant passage in the book of Romans - the doxology of Romans 11. Before delving into the applications of the gospel in Romans 12, Paul takes a moment to simply respond in awe to what God has revealed in the first 11 chapters: “Oh, the depth of the riches and...

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