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Father's Day

Posted by Steve Coward on

This Sunday is, of course, Father’s Day. For many, this is a wonderful day spent with their fathers. For others, this is a difficult day because it is a reminder that our fathers are no longer with us. For some, it is a reminder of how blessed they are to have their dad, while others are...


Posted by Steve Coward on

Do you ever struggle to find fulfillment in this life?  Do have a list of things that you believe would bring you more fulfillment if you had them? If you are anything like me, you probably struggle with both of these.  We have bought into the lie that the more stuff, the more money...

Join Us Sunday!

Posted by Steve Coward on

This Sunday morning, we will be diving further into Romans chapter 12.  Up until this chapter, Paul has spent an abundance of time making sure that we one hundred percent understand the gospel.  In the beginning of Romans, we heard about how sinful all are, how we are all in the same...

Preach the Gospel to Yourself Every Day

Posted by Steve Coward on

I hope you all have continued to enjoy our journey through Romans.  Personally it has been so good to be reminded so clearly of the good news of the gospel; the good news that we are saved by Nothing But Jesus.  My prayer is that you to have been reminded of this central truth. In...

Is It Real?

Posted by Steve Coward on

As we have moved through the book of Romans, Paul has communicated to us many incredible truths.  The Gospel is incredibly Good News! We who were once dead in our sin have been justified.  We have been given the perfect righteousness of Jesus.  When God looks upon us as believers...

Guest Post from Pastor Steve

Posted by Steve Coward on

The summer has flown by, and the fall is now upon us!  Some of your children will even be starting back to school this week.  August and September often provide an opportunity for all of us to reengage in the life of our church, and I hope you will take the opportunity to do just...

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