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Let It Be Jesus In Our Hope

Posted by Peter Lammé on

Hope is deliberately future-oriented. When we look into the future—What good thing is around the bend? What light is at the end of the tunnel? That’s our hope. Most of the time our hopes are small—hoping for a restful vacation or a season of greater blessing. And while these...

Let It Be Jesus In Our Anger

Posted by Peter Lammé on

When it comes to our anger, anger isn’t the problem. We are. Anger can be a great emotion. When anger fights for the right things—anger is exactly what we should feel. When we really let it be Jesus—we should get angry! We should get angry that we fail to worship Jesus like...

Let It Be Jesus As A Coworker

Posted by Peter Lammé on

The more and more we live in the world of Nothing But Jesus—where the work of Jesus and the love of Jesus is ultimate, the more and more foreign the working world can. We enter a place where we are judged by our works—not those of Jesus. Every workplace is ruled by a law—the...

Two Services at Fair Hill

Posted by Peter Lammé on

It is a great time for Reach Church’s Fair Hill campus! We have nearly doubled over the last half of the 2018, strongly recording over 100 attenders each week, with as many as 140 attendees some weeks. We are truly reaching our community with Nothing But Jesus—and visitors are...

Passion & Zeal

Posted by Peter Lammé on

What is the role of passion and zeal in the Christian life? Passion and zeal can be beautiful things. They drive to keep running forward—to persevere—to endure. But just because we are zealously running doesn’t mean that we are running in the right direction. Where has your...

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