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As a white man...

Posted by Tyler Schoenberger on

As a white man, especially one who grew up in a non-diverse rural community, I feel incredibly ill-equipped to speak on these matters. But, as a Christian man, a father, and church leader, I cannot stay silent.

The George Floyd video is one that I’ll never fully be able to explain to my daughters. I’ll never be able to communicate how their friends of color experience things differently than they do, just because of the color of their skin. You can never really explain something like this if you’ve never experienced it.

However, just because I or my family can’t fully explain it doesn’t mean that I can deny it exists. I can’t sit by, nor will I raise my kids, explaining away the broken systems, injustice, and racism towards the black community in our society. Enough is enough.

Let’s stop denying, running towards every chance at explaining away situations like this one, and instead let’s stand boldly against it. Let’s not be quick to speaking against bizarre conspiracies, and let’s be very quick to speak out against blatant injustices. Let’s stop being defensive, and instead let’s refuse to make any part of racism acceptable.

Let’s stop just feeling bad, posting a status, and moving on to the next thing, and let’s, instead, somehow redeem this horrible situation by actually fighting against the systemic and racial prejudice our black brothers and sisters have felt for some time. Do it with one conversation at a time. Do it while you’re raising your kids. Do it when you decide what words will come out of your mouth next. And ultimately, let’s do it to reflect the God we serve, who created all of humanity in his image and is redeeming the beautiful and diverse world he has made.



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