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A Conversation with My Dad

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“A Conversation with My Dad”
Online Worship, Father’s Day, 10:00am

Tomorrow morning at our online service, I will have am extended conversation with our Pastor Emeritus, “PB” (as he is affectionately known by many), about being a father, but also about other lessons he has learned as well. I am really excited to hear his responses to the questions I have developed and I pray they will be an encouragement to you. We will also give you an opportunity to drop a question in the comments section of whichever online platform you are using...so be thinking about questions you may want to submit! 

Outdoor Worship 

The change and turbulence all around us is such that the eventual normalizing of culture won’t be a finish line for those who are going to impact the culture but a starting line. I am convinced that these times represent amazing opportunities for the church to broker the message of Nothing But Jesus in many new ways. One great example of that are our outdoor worship services. 

It has been ironic that even with social distancing measures these services have still been great times of connection and encouragement. If you have not yet attended one, please come out next Sunday evening (June 28), at 6:00. We have areas where you can social distance, and we have other areas where you can stay in total isolation from others if you are in a high risk category, or if that is your preference.

When will we begin meeting inside on Sunday mornings? That is a great example of a question that won’t matter as much in this new world we are entering. Because of our property, we have regular opportunities to come together and worship which is all the matters. Our dream, which we realize we will need to continually test based on real world conditions, is to only begin meeting inside when being inside is the best way to pursue our mission of “living to reach all people with Nothing But Jesus”. Right now, continued outdoor Sunday evening worship services and Sunday morning online services, together with continued opportunities for Bible study and discipleship, is the best way to pursue that mission! Our plan is to continue with these outdoor services since that gives us the best of both worlds: both safety and togetherness. 

We are looking forward to another memorable and encouraging Sunday at Reach Church! 

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Chuck


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