Guest FAQ

What is Night to Shine?

Night to Shine is a worldwide prom event for teens and adults 14+ with special needs, sponsored by The Tim Tebow Foundation. The goal is to provide an unforgettable prom night experience for our guests and to celebrate the value of life!

Night to Shine provides a red-carpet entrance for guests complete with a friendly welcome from paparazzi, limousine rides, shoe shining areas, a great meal, and, of course, a dance floor.

During Night to Shine 2017, 375 churches representing 28 denominations and 150,000 volunteers in 50 states and 11 countries came together on one night to celebrate 75,000 honored guests with special needs in what has become not just a nationwide event, but a worldwide event, celebrating teens and adults with special needs.

This is a night not only for guests to shine, but for churches to shine, for volunteers to shine, and most importantly, for Jesus to shine.

When and where is it being held?

The prom hosted by Reach Church will be held on Friday, February 9, from 6:00pm- 9:00pm.  The doors open for pre-prom activities at 5:30pm.

Who is invited?

Reach Church has extended invitations to a number of groups, organizations, and individuals in our region who have special needs or serve those with special needs. If you would like to invite someone to attend, please have them visit our website for details and to register:

What can each guest expect to experience at Night to Shine?

Each guest will receive the celebrity treatment at Night to Shine from start to finish. This begins with the introduction of a personal “buddy,” who will attend to their every need throughout the event. Guests will have the opportunity to get their hair & makeup prom-ready by our very own glam squad. Then, they will walk the red carpet as friendly paparazzi snap pictures. They can join others on the dance floor to celebrate! Finally, each guest will receive a crown or tiara because they are all kings and queens.

Meanwhile, caregivers will be treated to a delicious dinner on-site during the prom – a chance for deserving moms & dads to relax and socialize.

How can guests register?

Guest registration is required. You can secure your place by filling out the registration form on our website at

How are you partnering with The Tim Tebow Foundation?

We consider it an honor to be selected by The Tim Tebow Foundation as a partner for Night to Shine – a worldwide movement. Reach Church has a heart to serve those in our community with special needs, and the Tim Tebow Foundation shares that passion. We are excited to partner with them and to host this spectacular event. Together, we are changing Valentine’s Day weekend from simply a celebration of love, to a celebration of God’s love for people with special needs. 

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