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At Reach Church, we desire to not only connect through fellowship and worship corporately, but we also desire to equip each person to grow in their love for Jesus. One way that we accomplish this is through our Reach Classes. Instead of merely gathering for lecture style classes on Sunday morning, our teachers prepare weekly for engaging discussions around God’s word that equip each of us to be effective in whatever circles of influence God has placed us.


Our Classes are an opportunity for you to learn about a variety of topics related to being a disciple of Jesus. With thought provoking discussions, teachers and fellowship happening every week, the only thing missing is you!  We have classes on apologetics (how to share your faith with others), on money management, on parenting, on issues pertaining to men and women, on books of the Bible, and many other offerings.

Fall classes at both campuses will run until November 19th. You can sign up for a Fall class at the link below.

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Children & Youth Classes are also offered when we have adult classes.  

Reach Classes are offered at all of our campuses. Below are the current offering at each or our campuses.

From Garden to Glory [Women Only]

Sunday, 9:00am - 10:00am | 2880 Summit Bridge Rd Bear DE 19701

Join us September 10th as we start "From Garden to Glory", a beautiful bird's eye view of the story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation. Books will be available if you want a more intense study, but the class is set up as a come as you are, no study needed. Based on Scripture, it builds a framework of God's redemptive covenant from Genesis to Revelation - the message being "when you fail, I will still be faithful."

Meets in Room 210.

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The Book Of Judges: Right in Our Own Eyes

Sunday, 9:00am - 10:00am | 2880 Summit Bridge Rd Bear DE 19701

You might wonder how a book written so long ago could have anything to say to you today.   In the book of Judges we will actually find a world that is not that different from our own. The Israelites found themselves living in a pluralistic world where everyone believes something different.  In fact, the book ends with that famous phrase "everyone did what was right in his own eyes." Join us for this eleven week study.

Meets in Zone 2 

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Faith With Reason

Sunday, 9:00am - 10:00pm | 2880 Summit Bridge Rd Bear DE 19701

Are biblical Christian beliefs “true”? Is Christianity opposed to “reason”? How might we intelligently reply to agnostics/atheists? Can adherents of other religions realistically claim their religion is a legitimate alternative to Christianity?

These, and many other questions, will be explored with Joe Farinaccio (author of "Faith with Reason: Why Christianity is True") in this apologetics-type class especially for believers.

Discover how logic interacts with our faith. Identify key differences between Christian and non-Christian beliefs. And understand why biblical, Christian faith is actually the basis for sound reasoning and logic.

Meets in Room 208

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