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What is a Life on Life Discipleship Group?

Life on Life Discipleship Groups are Reach Groups designed to help individuals develop into mature and equipped followers of Christ, who will then be able to disciple others.

How is the Life on Life curriculum structured?

Each weekly unit is structured in a T.E.A.M.S. format, incorporating each of the following elements: 
Truth – This is the Bible. God’s word is the foundation for each unit.
Equipping – Massaging the truth until it becomes understandable and useable.
Accountability – Involves the “one anothering” of Scripture. Both “encouraging one another towards love and good deeds” as well as lovingly confronting sin in one anothers lives to bring about gospel-motivated transformation.
Mission – Taking on the mission of Jesus to seek and to save the lost in ministries of both word and deed, explaining the gospel and meeting people’s needs.
Supplication – Praying for each other and with each other; learning how and why we pray while also experiencing the impact of prayer in the world and in our lives.

 What topics are covered?

The topics covered in our Life on Life curriculum (The Journey) have been selected because of their foundational importance in developing a mature and equipped follower of Christ. View an overview of the three years of curriculum here

 What is the commitment level?

Life on Life groups have a very high commitment level.  The Journey was written in a way that requires group members to study each lesson outside of the group time before attending the group. During the group, leaders do not simply go through each question, but they seek to draw out what God has been doing in the lives of the group members as they’ve studied on their own. The total commitment is 28 weeks.

 When are groups offered?

Groups are offered at various times throughout the week.  We are now taking signups for groups that will be forming in the fall.  Go to to sign up for a group. 

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