Nothing But Jesus

What if there is a simple way of living that draws us so close to Jesus that our lives truly are about Nothing But Jesus? During the time of Jesus, it was commonly held that there were 613 commands in the Scriptures. 248 positive (“do this”) commands, and 365 negative commands (“don’t do this”).  There are an additional 1050 commandments in the New Testament. Together, these commandments comprise the Law of God. What if we replaced these 1663 commands of the Christian life with only one thing? What if our one and only focus was Jesus? Nothing But Jesus. It is only when our mission in life is to live to be about Nothing But Jesus that we begin to not only keep the commandments in Scripture, but even exceed their requirements (Matthew 5: 20), and move on to loving God with all our hearts, minds, and souls, and loving our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22: 36-39). It is when our mission is to live to be about Nothing But Jesus that we actually start reaching all people with Nothing But Jesus.

My Reach Story

My Reach Story is a series of videos that introduce you to the people who worship at Reach Church and how they have been gripped by the life-changing message on Nothing But Jesus. Watch these stories and get to know the heart of Reach Church.

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Pastor Chuck's Blog

Each week Pastor Chuck writes a post for Reach Church and our community to highlight different aspects things happening at the church. Pastor Chuck's blog is everyone! Through his posts you can learn the deeper meaning of Nothing But Jesus, be introduced to a new sermon series, or learn more about general things happen throughout Reach Ministries!

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Our Beliefs

Reach Church holds to the statement of faith of the Apostle’s Creed, and the doctrines of grace found in the Westminster Confession of Faith. We belong to the denomination called the Presbyterian Church in America. The emphasis of our denomination is on the centrality of the word of God as our statements of faith are subservient to the Bible.

Reach Church is about Nothing But Jesus. We believe that a radical focus on Jesus is what leads to a changed life.

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Our Worship

During our worship services, we employ several different elements to draw our hearts closer to Him. We use scripture, liturgy, creeds, music and prayer together to lead our hearts and minds to a deeper understand of who God us, leading us to deeper worship of Nothing But Jesus.

While our music is contemporary, we also use re-packaged hymns, and we recite the great creeds of the faith. Our worship is vibrant and a hallmark of Reach Church. If you are a musician, you will have many opportunities to use your gifts at Reach Church, should you choose to make Reach Church your home.

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Our Team

The Reach Church team is radically committed to reaching all people with Nothing But Jesus, and applying Jesus to all of our ministries. They each have real-life experience that allows them to relate well to those who are skeptical of Christianity, those who have been Christians for decades, to young people, and to older people.

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