21 Days of Prayer

Dear Reach Church, 

I am so excited for our church to enter a New Level of Good! While COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, we know that God is sovereign and has a beautiful plan for Reach Church. As I have said many times, we do not want to come out of this and “get back to normal.” We are looking ahead at reaching a New Level of Good!

As we anticipate coming back together in Sunday morning worship in just a few weeks, I am excited to invite YOU to be part of our 21 Days of Prayer. My hope is that we will come together each day in prayer, growing stronger and stronger as a church body leading up to the resuming of in-person worship and our congregational meeting on August 9th, where we will elect new elders to our Session. I could not be more excited about these men who will come before you for your endorsement into the leadership of our church. If you do not already know them personally, I encourage you to read their stories as they are made available and get to know them if you do not already.

It would be an understatement to say that I cannot wait to be with you all again in worship. I have missed being together on Sunday mornings, but am grateful that we have had opportunities like the outdoor services. Still, there is something different about coming together in our sanctuary and praising together. I look forward to praying with you all through these 21 Days of Prayer and taking things to a New Level of Good together as the body of Reach Church!

In Christ Alone,
Pastor Chuck L. Betters

21 Days of Prayer
July 19th - August 8th

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